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Other Student Boards


While the UC Student Council involves itself with the governance and academics of the college, there are also other student boards which play a big role on campus. The University College Student Association (UCSA) presides over student life on campus and the Campus Affairs Representatives (CAR) are involved with all things related to our physical campus. 

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The UCSA is the University College Student Association. The purpose of the UCSA is to contribute to the non-academic life of UCU students. Members of the association not only benefit from the events and information but are crucial to the continual motion towards the association’s goals.

The UCSA operates through the running of Committees who carry out specific activities. For example, the Bar Committee is charged with the management of our very own UCSA Bar, the Politics Committee organizes lectures and excursions on political topics, the Humanitarian Committee raises funds for charity and the Music Committee organizes Open Mic nights in the bar and jam sessions. There are more than forty such committees (also known as Co’s) which organize activities ranging from dance and drama to sports and career projects. All these activities are run by students for students on a purely nonprofit basis.

Activity is an integral part of life on campus, and every student has a chance to be involved from the moment they arrive! If a member feels that his or her extra-academic interests aren’t well represented by an existing group, he or she has the possibility of organizing and proposing a brand new committee.

The UCSA is the social side of campus life; it supports, facilitates, and develops students’ desires and interests.



The Campus Affairs Representatives (CAR) board is a supportive body at UCU which aims to inform and help students with all things campus related, whilst also maintaining communication between the student body and the college management.


Our board consists of three official members: a Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, who are elected by the UCU student body each year. CAR operates by dividing our tasks into different portfolios, in which we carry out projects to improve campus.

In 2022-2,3 CAR will be working within the following seven portfolios:

  • Housing

  • Catering

  • Facilities & Security

  • Sustainability

  • Establishing CAR

  • Wellbeing & Accessibility

  • Future Campus 

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