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Who are we?

The University College Student Council represents the student body in College Hall. More specifically, we take part in making and checking the (educational) policies at UCU to ensure that your voice is heard. Our tasks range from checking course quality to striving for student wellbeing. Our board members all take on different projects and portfolios to achieve our goals. We work together closely with management, teachers, staff, students, and other student boards such as UCSA and CAR. We also work together with other UU faculties as well as other University Colleges. Curious about our goals and projects this year? Or what each of our positions entails? Then keep reading!

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Get in touch with us!

You can contact us on or you can contact us personally on our emails below!

Violeta Bagazgoitia Gracia


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Academic Affairs Officer

van Hofslot

Student Assessor 

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Eugenie Vuillefroy de Silly

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Academic Affairs Officer

Doortje Koldeweij


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Karsten Heebing

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Academic Affairs Officer

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