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Campaign Guidelines

Here you can find the list of guidelines we have assembled for the elections in order to make sure the elections run smoothly and fairly. If you have any questions about this list please don't hesitate to reach out to us. 

If you feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable with anything at any point during the election season, feel free to contact Doortje. She is the election confidential contact person and will be available throughout the week. To text or call, phone number: +31622049386, if you prefer to send an email: With any other questions regarding elections you can contact Eugenie at +33778333628 or at


Most importantly, enjoy this experience! It is a huge learning moment and an amazing moment to connect with the UCU community!

  • All candidates are expected to be respectful throughout the campaign. Keep in mind that everything you say and do has an impact. Disrespectful behavior on behalf of you and on behalf of other students will be monitored, both in online and in in-person situations.

  • You are allowed to spend a maximum of €20 on your campaign. Keep in mind that, for this amount, you will be not be reimbursed by the UC Student Council.

  • You cannot be endorsed by a faculty member, staff, fellow candidates for the UC Student Council, in addition to current as well as past members of the UC Student Council, UCSA and CAR. We also highly discourage from being endorsed by potential candidates for the other student boards

  • You are only allowed to make one post per day on UCU Students (Facebook page). The first day to start posting is Tuesday, the 2nd of April 2024. Once the voting starts on the 9th of April at 23:00 (UTC+01:00), you are no longer allowed to promote your own campaign however you can encourage voters to vote in general. But feel free to post as much as you want on your personal Facebook Page.

  • You are not allowed to use paid social media advertising during your campaign.

  • You are highly encouraged to attend all the election events organized by the UC Student Council, and if you wish, you may also organize your own events.

  • As the board members of UC Student Council ’23-24, we are more than happy to discuss your ideas however we will not be giving feedback on any concrete output (ie. the election statements)

Get in Touch

You can reach out to us at any time this week through facebook, instagram, or email! We also have office hours  on Mondays 18h-19h and Wednesdays lunch time where you can swing by with any questions. 

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