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Dr. Kees van Walree
Office Hours: 
  • Monday, from 13:30-15:00

  • Wednesdays, from 11.00-12.00

  • Thursdays, from 14.00-15.00

Track Representative:
Katia Farias Rodriguez

Hello everyone! My name is Katia Farias Rodriguez and I am in my fourth semester. I am thrilled to be the chemistry track representative! I am currently aspiring to obtain a double major with Chemistry, Molecular Cell Biology, History and Art History. This semester, you may see me in many of your classes as by the end of this year I will have completed many courses in the chemistry track. Whenever you see me (even during finals) do not hesitate to ask me any questions regarding the track and it’s (lab)courses, or talk to me if you need to air some complaints. Enjoy the chemistry track!


 Dr. Charmaine Ramos
Office Hours: 
  • Mondays 11:00-12:00

Track Representative:
Economics TR picture_edited.jpg
Ana Kozlovic

Hi, my name is Ana Kozlović (she/her)! I am a second year student majoring in economics and politics and minoring in methods and statistics. As someone who has been very interested in the field of economics since my first class at UCU, I am happy to be the track representative for economics this year! By studying economics, students gain a deeper understanding of how economic systems function, how incentives shape behavior, and how policies can influence outcomes. Furthermore, this knowledge can be applied to a wide range of fields! I am very excited to work on making the economics track easier to plan and pursue. Feel free to contact me if you ever want to talk or have any questions about the track!


Dr. Viktor Blåsjö
Office Hours: 
      by appointment only
Track Representatives:
Maths Track rep picture.jpeg
Zarand Ferjancsik

My name is Zarand Ferjancsik (he/him), but just call me Zaza! I am in my third semester and the track representative for the Mathematics track in the academic year 2023-2024 at this Liberal Arts and Sciences Program. Next to Mathematics, I am also majoring in economics with a minor in statistics, and I understand how important mathematics is for many subjects, even in other disciplines. For this reason, I will be working hard to ensure, that everyone benefits from taking any mathematics classes, and can connect it to their fields of study. So, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!

Mathematics Feedback Form here

Physics and Double Degree Physics

Anton van de Ven.tiff
Dr. Anton van de Ven
Office Hours: 
      by appointment only
Track Representative:
picture TR physics_edited.jpg
Miguel Guerra Benedit

Hi! My name is Miguel Guerra Benedit and I'm currently in my second year at UCU. I'm majoring in Biology and Physics and find the intersection between both disciplines especially interesting. I'm also doing the DDLP (Double Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences and Physics). Please feel free to reach out about any questions or suggestions about any specific Physics courses, about the track in general or the double degree!

Physics & DDLP Feedback Form here


Prf. Dr. Marco van Leeuwen
Office Hours: 
      by appointment only
Track Representative:
Sociology TR .jpeg
Tine Pijnenburg

Hello everyone! My name is Tine Pijnenburg, and I am this year’s sociology track representative! I am currently a third semester student, majoring in sociology and politics. Sociology is a very rich field that can help us to understand human behaviour and societies as a whole. I am very enthusiastic about this field and therefore look forward to preserving and improving the track at UCU this year. Feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions, thoughts or ideas to contribute to this, or if you have any questions. I’m happy to help!

Sociology Feedback Form here

Statistics & Methodology

Dr. Kirsten Namesnik-Silvester
Office Hours: 
      by appointment only
Track Representative:
pic Tr M&S.jpeg
Ella Weiss

My name is Ella Weiss, I am in my 5th semester studying Psychology and Anthropology and I am your Methods and Statistics Track Representative! After working in the UC Student Council last year, I became extremely passionate about projects such as decolonizing elements of RiC, rethinking the scope of the Humanities Lab, and improving the methodology courses for students and professors at UCU. I wanted to continue this work through the role of track representative, and love to hear student feedback, concerns and input. If you have any questions/complaints about your current methodology course, taking future required courses, or pursuing a Methods and Stats minor like myself, please don't hesitate to reach out! I look forward to hear from you!

Statistics & Methodology Feedback Form here
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