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Year Plan Presentation 2023-2024

Missed our Year Plan Presentation? Fear not, as the slides are right here. Find out about our plans for this academic year, what our positions entail exactly, and which (co-)governing bodies at UCU we are a part of. 

Craft Your Curriculum Workshop Introweek 2023

Find out all the most important information about building your Liberal Arts and Sciences curriculum. For the specific details please have a look at the Academic Rules and Regulations below.  

Bi-Yearly Reflection Report 2022-2023

Curious about what the UC Student Council board of 2022-2023 was up to? Check out their reflection report to read all about their projects, portfolios, aims, and progress within different bodies of UCU!

Bi-Yearly Reflection Report 2021-2022

Curious about what the UC Student Council Board of 2021-2022 was up to? Check out all their projects in this report.

Academic Rules and Regulations 2023-2024

Make sure you are aware of the current ARR to fulfill your graduation requirements. Any questions? Ask us or your tutor!

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