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The members of the UC Student Council hold various positions in the governing bodies of UCU. We work together closely with College Hall to ensure all student interests are represented.


Management Team

The Management Team (MT) consists of the Dean, the Managing Director, the Director of Education, and the Student Assessor. The Student Assessor is in the Management Team to ensure the student perspective is considered in all managerial decisions.  The MT has a decisive mandate regarding policy development, finances, and monitoring the performance of UCU.

UCU Council

The UCU Council (UCUC) is the body that monitors the interests of the College, the students and the staff of UCU. The Student Council Chair, Secretary, and two AAOs work together with staff members to check all decisions of the MT and advise them on matters such as the strategic plan, academic rules and regulations, policy and practical execution of the quality control at UCU.

Board of Studies

The Board of Studies is composed of the Director of Education, the Cluster Chairs, the Head Tutors, one AAO, and the Student Assessor. The BoS makes formal recommendations on the college’s curriculum to the Dean, approves and revises courses and reviews the curriculum in general.

Cooperation with Student Boards

The UCSC works together closely with the other boards on campus, namely UCSA and CAR. The UCSC Chair has weekly meetings with the UCSA and CAR Chairs and all the secretaries also join every other week. This way we ensure smooth cooperation between all student representatives to ensure we effectively tackle issues and coordinate efforts. 

External Relations

The UCSC also works with various external bodies that aid in co-governance. The UCSC Chair meets regularly with all other chairs of the councils of other UU faculties. The Student Assessor also regularly meets with assessors from all other UU faculties in the College van Utrechtse Assessoren (CvUA). One AAO is also responsible for meeting with all other University Colleges in the Netherlands through the UCSRN network and educational panels organized.

Coordination Team

The coordination team, formerly the crisis team, consists of the Dean, Managing Director, Director of Education, Head Tutor, Student Life Officer, Head of Registrar, Student Assessor and other support staff from College Hall. Their primary role was to make decisions during the pandemic, but now they have taken on other coordination-related responsibilities too.

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