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Art History & Museum Studies

Dr. Tijana Zakula
Office Hours:
  • Monday, from 17:30-18:30

  • Tuesday, by appointment only

  • Thursday, from 15:30 PM-17:30

Track Representative:
Art History & Museum Studies Track Rep P
Giorgia Mastrolorenzo

Hi everybody, I’m Giorgia Mastrolorenzo (sher/her): your Art History and Museum Studies track representative! I am a current third year student that over the course of UCU has noticed how art history can bridge a number of interests beyond the humanities into the social and natural sciences. I believe it encourages us that interacting with art, and more importantly learning how to look at art can help us approach the world in a more detail oriented and empathetic way. This track is something very close to me. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, to talk something through, or even for a second pair of eyes to look something over! I’m more than happy to be available.


dr. Natasha Korotkova
Office Hours: 
      by appointment only
Track Representative:
Linguistics Track Rep Photo (Anna Rosa Klaver).jpeg
Anna Rosa Klaver

My name is Anna Rosa Klaver (she/her), and I’ll be this year’s Track Representative for Linguistics! I’m a second-year student majoring in Linguistics and History, with a possible minor in Politics. I’m super passionate about all things Linguistics, and specifically very interested in Sociolinguistics and Historical Linguistics (big surprise, I know). As your Track Representative, I’d like to help maintain and improve the Linguistics track at UCU so that every student will have the chance to fall in love with this discipline as much as I have, and explore it to its fullest potential. Please feel free to approach me with any questions or comments you have about the Linguistics track!

Linguistics Feedback Form here

Literature & Classics

dr. Sebastiaan van Bommel
Track Representatives:
Literature _ Classics Track Rep Photo (Romane Berthelot).jpeg
Romane Berthelot

Hello, my name is Romane (she/her). I am a second year majoring in science (maths and physiology) and literature - the latter which I am very excited to represent. Throughout this year, I will be working alongside the AAOs and our fellow, Dr. van Bommel. A main objective will be to help bring added coherence to a curriculum rich in its diversity of literary movements, theoretical frameworks, and themes. We also hope to facilitate communication/peer reviewing/proofreading/etc. Please feel free to approach me with any questions concerning the track - feedback/suggestions are always welcome as well!


Whether I was seeking challenge or refuge in the writings of others, literature has always seen my passions further inspired. I hope this will be the case for you too :)

Office Hours:

​    available by appointment only


Dr. Floris van der Burg
Office Hours:

​    available by appointment only

Track Representative:
Philosophy Track Rep Photo (Reema Dandachi).jpeg
Reema Dandachi

Hiii everyone, my name is Reema (she/her) and I’m incredibly excited to present myself here as the new track representative for philosophy! I will be starting my third semester, where I’m focusing on my cognitive neuroscience and philosophy majors, alongside subjects involving literature and politics as possible minors :). You can always reach out to me for either tips or feedback, I’m here to help and provide some guidance! 

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